Membership Benefits

What does the FOP do for ME?

What Does the FOP do for ME?

As dues paying member, You receive the following benefits:

The Strength and Unity of 335,000+ members and The Experience of over 100 years of Service

At Over 335,000 members, the Fraternal Order of Police is the Largest and most respected organization in the world.

The FOP is THE voice of law enforcement in Washington DC and Lansing

●Michigan Governor Appointed Positions●

-MI FOP holds 1of 6 Labor group seats on the MCOLES State board (FOP was the first Labor group from its inception in 1965).
-MI FOP holds 1 out of 2 labor group seats on the State of MI CLEAR (Council of Law enforcement and reinvention)
-MI FOP holds 1 of 4 labor group seats on the Emergency 911 board.
-MI FOP has 1 of 3 Labor group seats on the Sheriff's advisory committee.
-MI FOP has two members that are on the Governor's committee on pension and healthcare reform.

FOP was the driving force behind major bills that effected LE officers- 1) HB 5097 known as PA 322 of 2014(Retro activity for collective bargaining) 2) Instrumental on getting 312 groups carved out of the RIGHT TO WORK legislative 3) Residency bill in the 90's.

MI FOP was instrumental on the bill for Children of LE Officers killed in the line of duty. Each child receives 4 years of paid college at any State university.

MI FOP with their association with MHSA, lobbies on issues important to rank-and-file law enforcement officers. MHSA exclusively works on our behalf, not a coalition. The National Legislative Program is the most active and comprehensive of any LE organization in Washington.

MI FOP members have held a seat on the Presidential screening committee, Chair of the National Diversity committee, Recruiting and Retention committee and MI FOP Member was appointed by the President for Safety and Technology

Legal Defense Coverage - The Grand Lodge of the FOP offers available to FOP groups or individuals that cover Law Enforcement exposures, including administrative, civil, and criminal legal coverage; HR 218 coverage: and moonlighting liability insurance program.

NATIONAL PEACE OFFICERS MEMORIAL SERVICE – This solemn event held every year on May 15th, during National Police Week, to honor those who have given their lives in the line of duty. Open to the public, it brings together the expanded law enforcement family and national leaders, pays tribute to the fallen officers and offers words of comfort to their surviving family members. This event is
paid for by the FOP. The FOP was formed and organized on May 15, 1915, hence that day of Police Week.

FOP Journal is printed 4 times a year and contains both legal and labor issues for its members. You also receive email updates about legislative and other priorities

National Fraternal Order of Police University (NFOPU)
FOP collaborates with a select consortium of universities willing to offer members the education they need with a flexible schedule and reasonable cost.

Education Services committee develops and implements professional LE Training programs and events to equip members with skills needed to enhance their careers, and establish a training schedule covering wide spectrum of leadership, labor and legal issues. The Grand Lodge and Local lodges provide scholarships to eligible applicants

Free College for FOP members and their family members through the Grand Lodge online from Eastern Gateway Community College no cost for tuition books or fees.

Discounted benefits available to FOP members, Pension protection plans, mortgage discounts accidental insurance, home and auto insurance, travel discount, critical care insurance and ID theft protection detailed information can be found at

Disaster Relief As part of the NFOP Foundation the Fraternal Order of Police Disaster Relief fund (nonprofit 501c3 organization) relies on the generosity of individuals, organizations and corporations and is always prepared to assist our members in distress i.e.; Hurricane Katrina/Sandy/Joplin/Isaac, Ferguson, Oklahoma City, Wildfires out West

Charity Partnerships

  • Easter Seals- Helping children and Adults with disabilities live better lives

  • MI Special Olympics- Providing both time and donations to 20,797 athletes at State and local events

  • Torch Run- FOP is 1 of 3 teams that participate

  • MI Police Memorial- MI FOP is the Top Law Enforcement group donor for the memorial

  • FOP Auxiliary donated $20,000 to various charities

Life Insurance- MI FOP provides 2,000 Accidental life insurance policy on each member of the FOP in Michigan, as well as the $25,000 duty death check from MI FOP.

Emergency Legal and Fraternal Assistance in times of crisis in times of crisis- such as the incidents in Ferguson MO – where the FOP lodges in 2 different states formed 24/7 protection and safe harbors for the officer and his family, for months without cost to the officer. Maryland Lodge #3 in Baltimore be provided legal defense for all 6 officers and were successful in their defenses.

More information on your FOP benefits can be found on the following websites:

Meeting location and time
General membership meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 pm at the Walled Lake Eagles hall located at 1721 Glengary Rd Wolverine Lake MI 48390

Free College Benefit

Members of the FOP and their spouse, their children and their grandchildren can earn a community college education online—for free—from Eastern Gateway Community College, a public, non-profit college in Ohio—simply as a benefit of membership in the Fraternal Order of Police. Your academy training and law enforcement training may qualify for credits as well!

You can get more information and even enroll in EGCC through the FOP’s Free College Benefit, at The next quarter at Eastern Gateway Community College begins on January 17th with an enrollment deadline of January 10th, so we cannot wait too long to promote this great new benefit!

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