FOP 128 Officers

President Alex McLellan Ret. US Homeland Security
Vice President Erik Hamilton West Bloomfield PD
Recording Secretary John Jacob Oakland County Sheriff's Office
Membership Secretary - Treasurer John Marasco Wolverine Lake PD
2nd Vice President Tim Lillard West Bloomfield PD
Sgt. At Arms Todd Allen US Homeland Security
Immediate Past President Jon Jacob West Bloomfield PD
Trustee Robert Houchins West Bloomfield PD
Trustee James Starnes Ret. Oakland County Sheriff's Office
Trustee Dennis Nault Ret. Oakland County Sheriff's Office

Todd Allen


Sgt. At Arms

Phone: U.S. Homeland Security

News from

  • ScholarChip, provider of automated school safety and operations services, has announced TruBlue Sentry, a visitor management system designed specifically for law enforcement and government buildings.

  • Streamlight's versatile Twin-Task Headlamp features both spot and COB flood beams that allow for hands-free lighting for both distance and close-up lighting tasks, and is powered by alkaline or lithium AA batteries.

  • The HIrisPlex-S DNA test system is capable of simultaneously predicting eye, hair, and skin color phenotypes from DNA. Users, such as law enforcement officials or anthropologists, can enter relevant data using a laboratory DNA analysis tool, and the webtool will predict the pigment profile of the DNA donor.